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Learn more about custom HCG Diet programs for menA lean and muscular appearance is a source of pride for many men and they work hard to achieve it. In spite of this, it’s common for men to have excess fat in the abdominal area, arms, legs, and neck, especially those who are middle-aged or older. If you have this problem, you have most likely already tried several diet and exercise programs to eliminate the extra body fat. You could also be a man who has struggled with obesity on and off for years with no real solutions. No matter what your situation, the HCG Diet for men in Tampa Florida can help you achieve the body and physique you’ve always wanted.

The HCG Hormone Helps Men Lose Weight

HCG is a human hormone that exists in people of both genders, although it is most prevalent in pregnant women. It allows the expectant mother to nourish herself and her baby at the same time without depriving of her of food or energy. HCG as an aid for weight loss has existed for more than 60 years. It is perfectly safe for men to receive during a medically supervised diet program. In fact, men typically lose more weight than women do during the program in addition to losing it faster and maintaining the loss for a longer time.

When you receive HCG by injection or another approved method, it sends a message to your brain to use your body’s fat reserves for energy rather than its muscles. The reverse is true with other diet plans, which explains why dieting makes most people exhausted and irritable. When you burn only fat, it allows you to retain your muscle mass while safely dropping as much as three pounds per day. Keep in mind this is the high end of the spectrum and not necessarily the average for all men participating in the program. However, the rate of weight loss is at least twice as fast as other diet programs available in Tampa.

How the HCG Diet Looks on a Daily Basis

You must receive medical clearance from a Tampa HCG Doctor before you can start the diet. Once you have done that, you immediately start a two-day loading phase. For these two days only, you can eat whatever you want. In fact, your doctor will encourage you to consume as much as you possibly can without getting sick. While it may sound counter-productive, the loading phase is necessary to reset your body’s metabolism to adjust to the greatly reduced calories you will be consuming starting on the third day. It also ensures that you have an adequate fat reserve available for your body to use as an energy source.

After the loading phase is complete, you start your reduced calorie eating plan that you and your HCG Diet Specialist agreed on during your consultation. The two of you also decide on how many calories you should consume each day during the active phase of the HCG Diet as well as how long you should remain on it. Your daily meal choices should consist of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and lean meats in addition to beverages with low or no calories. Your doctor will provide you with a list of foods you should select as well as those you should avoid.

Maintenance and Ongoing Monitoring

As you meet with your doctor daily for administration of the HCG hormone, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have. He or she monitors your progress while making sure you don’t experience any side effects from the hormone or the restricted calorie diet. After achieving your weight loss goals, you immediately start the maintenance phase. While you don’t see your HCG Specialist as often at this point, he or she remains available to you for feedback or questions.

No matter what your age or current weight, the HCG Diet for men can help you achieve your goals. Contact a Tampa HCG Diet Doctor from the Tampa HCG Doctors Directory today to get started on a new you.

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